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color effect for blogger post title

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Today I will share with you the color transition effect for the title. Just add a little css to have a beautiful color effect for the blog. Let's get started now

How to prepare?

To create the effect we need to use CSS. Here I am working on CSS3 which is supported in most browsers. That way you don't have to worry about compatibility issues anymore.


Step 1: Go to Blogger, go to the Appearance section and click Edit HTML

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the blog CSS archive

Step 3: Insert this code:

/* Title post */h1{line-height:42px;font-size:30px;text-align:left;background:linear-gradient(60deg,#FC5C7D  0%,#6A82FB 25%,#FC5C7D 50%,#6A82FB 75%,#FC5C7D 100%);color:#fff;-webkit-background-clip:text;-webkit-text-fill-color:transparent;animation:10s ChuyenDongMau linear infinite}@keyframes ChuyenDongMau{100%{background-position:100vw 0}} 

Step 4: Save and see the results!

Color effect CSS analysis

First, I used CSS selectors to mark all the h1 tags . If you do not want to affect other functional h1 tags, you can replace it with h1 .post-title (ie select the post-title classes included in the h1 tag ).

The main components

  • background:linear-gradient(...); Create a gradient effect for the background
  • -webkit-background-clip:text; Convert the background color gradient to the text color range. Without this line the browser will result as a background containing a gradient.
  • animation:10s Linear infinite Marks the motion effect for the background color gradient.
  • @keyframes ChuyenDongMau{...} Create a color transition effect with the target of ChuyenDongMau that we called above.

So it's done. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section

Good luck!

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