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How To Write Seo Friendly Articles To Be On-Page

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Congrats! Link is Generated - Writing articles on pages on your website, you have to make articles that are friendly on the Google search engine

That way, it will be easier for articles on your website to become number one on the Google search engine and will get lots of visitors

How to do SEO friendly? Do you know how to make SEO Friendly articles? namely by adapting the latest Google algorithm and creating high-quality content

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High Quality Content is that every article you create must have a purpose, your content must be useful for readers

High Quality Article Pages

In the Google search engine, high-quality pages are pages that have a high level of expertise and trust

The number of pages on the website must be of high quality, including the title, description and content in the article

So how can you ensure that your website content is of high quality and how can you improve your On-Page On-Page SEO?

Here are the best ways to follow when creating new content. Do keyword research in the article properly, yes, in order to get the top position on the Google search engine,

So, I will share several ways to write articles to make them SEO Friendly. Are you curious? Check out this article, read more!

Do Keyword Research

The first step is to use the right keywords, i.e. words that have a large search volume and little competition

Having Keywords with little competition will make it easier for you to win top positions in Google's search engine

Choose keywords that match the blog niche, so that they match the needs of your blog visitors.

To get accurate keywords you need to do keyword research, Some free keyword tools: KWFinder, Ubersuggest, Google Trends.

Understand User Intentions

Before creating an Seo Friendly article, you must first know what article title you will create for the content

When writing page articles on a website, you have to pay attention to good keywords so that the article is relevant.

When visitors get the information they want, Google will find your article useful and need to rank high.

Pay attention to the structure of the article

You need a good article structure. The goal is to speed up the writing process. Before creating an article, you must pay attention to the structure of the article, which will make it easier for visitors to understand your article.

Tips that you can try, write a few sentences of keywords in each section

Write Articles According to Your Niche

Determine the topic and focus on making SEO friendly articles, focus on certain topics because the keywords must be related to each other.

Use keywords appropriately

Never use excessive keywords or spam keywords (keyword stuffing), use appropriate keywords otherwise the article will not be indexed.

Link External and Internal Links

SEO Friendly articles need to use internal and external links because they are useful for helping Google index websites

Image Optimization

You need to take optimization steps on the image, namely by giving the file name according to the article title,

Optimal Article Length

Google recommends a minimum article length of 300 words, at least you can create articles with a length of 1000 to 25,000 words so that Google can understand your niche blog.

By implementing the steps above, SEO on your website will be better and search results on the Google search engine will increase.

Hopefully these steps can be useful and help you to make Seo Friendly articles, if you have questions, you can leave them in the comments column.

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