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What is ROI? How to Calculate Roi

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 When doing digital marketing, we must first know what ROI is. It is important for you to plan something marketing to generate profits that can be obtained

ROI can find out some of the profits that we will get when making an investment, just like the higher the risk, the greater the profit that will be obtained

In digital marketing, what is ROI?

ROI (Return On Investment) is the value return on investment that can be generated after doing various marketing. This can be used to measure the profit that is obtained when making an investment

Why is ROI so Important?

Before investing in a digital marketing strategy, you must know and measure conversion ROI to consider the results

ROI has the value of benefits and uses to know and calculate the sales that have been invested, for ROI there is no doubt about the value of the benefits

You need to calculate ROI to make good decisions about future investments based on profitable alternatives

How to calculate ROI?

Formulas that must be memorized based on:

The First ROI Formula

The second ROI formula

The ROI formula must be multiplied by 100 to get a percentage, costs such as taxes or expenses can be entered

What should be considered ?

Before doing marketing, we must consider the calculation of ROI, to evaluate the benefits that will be obtained, what should we know when making calculations:

  • Focus On Profits
  • Fast response
  • Perform Spec Actions
  • Return on investment

By knowing this marketing profit, about net profit, total sales less total marketing costs


By calculating ROI, we can make very important investment decisions in the future.

Testing different markets can help you get the bigger picture.

Thus the article I shared about What is ROI and How to Calculate Roi, I hope this article can be useful

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