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Tips to Increase Shopee Sales

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 When you sell products or services to the Southeast Asia region, you can use the Shopee platform to sell, the shopee platform is no doubt for buying and selling transactions. Shopee is an E-commerce platform in the Southeast Asia region

It only took Shopee 4 years to become a shopping platform on top apps and websites in the SEA region, where this shopping site operates.

Currently, Shopee is a promising market for big brands because of large customers and fierce competition. To increase sales you need some tips and tricks to increase shopee sales that we recommend:

Market Research

The first tips for increasing sales at Shopee by doing market research, for beginners who start selling at Shopee are: What do you want to sell at Shopee? There are several types that you can sell and are worth considering

Common products are products that are in demand throughout the year because they attract mass customers. But with very high competition. I highly recommend that the store you manage has the best prices and products to make a standout impression on your competitors. Examples of common products such as: Foodstuffs, Household Appliances, Clothing, etc

For special products, they have their own target market, for example, a niche is included in the maternity clothing category. Because the demand and competition is much lower.

Once you've decided what products you want to sell at Shopee? Important to determine the price is the next step. Look at your competitors if you want to set a price, observe the price range and adjust accordingly.

Follow the Shopee Rules

Tips for increasing Shopee sales later, by following their rules, especially for those of you who want to sell at Shopee.

Following the terms and conditions carefully can prevent your shop from being suspended or something that will happen in the future. Here are some things that the shopee system can detect and punish, such as:

  • Duplicate product list
  • Upload misleading products
  • Upload plagiarized content
  • With regards to abusive behavior
  • Scamming
  • Sale and Purchase of Prohibited Products
  • Selling outside the shop

Create Amazing Products

Some things that are usually noticed when customers click on your product are price, presentation, visuals and descriptions. For beginner tips to increase sales on the shopee platform, you need to highlight your product in visuals and descriptions from other stores.

For visuals, you can display 3 product images using a good quality camera, sufficient light and can produce clear and aesthetic images.

Top Picks From The Store

Is a feature in the shopee platform that can help sellers promote their products better. This feature has been proven as a tool for boost sales in popular shopee to increase reach to customers.

In the online shopee store you can create 8 products to recommend to buyers and every time you someone hangs looking for your shop, the product will be featured which can increase customer coverage and conversion rate.

Top picks (top picks) on your online shop can be arranged easily at Shopee > seller center > Marketing Center > Top Pick From Shop

Bundle Deal

The next tip, a bundle deal is a tip for increasing sales at Shopee for beginners. You can create bundles with discount offers to attract lots of customers. There are several types of bundle deals that are commonly used:

  • Discount percentage (buy 2 products, get 5% discount)
  • Discount amount ( buy 2 products, get $2 off )
  • Custom bundles (select products)

Promotion through vouchers and discounts

The most effective means of getting someone to buy your product is implementing vouchers and discounts on the main page of your store. There are two types of vouchers at Shopee, namely: product vouchers and shop vouchers

Whereas discount promotions can be used in a group of products, discount promotions can lower prices over a period of time to increase the hype of the product. Remember you need to limit each discount to avoid bulk buying

How to create, manage and limit products can only be through the shopee > marketing center

This method is one of the leading marketing strategies that allows shopee to increase sales. Can beat other competitors and reach the top of the overall market.

Choose logistics

When you start selling on Shopee, you need to choose a shipping package through the platform partner courier. However, you can choose the courier of your choice. The criteria for a good and profitable delivery courier are

  • Shipping costs
  • Cash delivery service ( COD )
  • Return policy
  • Delivery time
  • Logistics network
  • Quality of service
  • Customer service
  • Return frequency

Customer service

One of our last tips is to focus on providing the best customer service. Customer service includes responding to messages, comments and questions from customers

While you're away set up automatic responses to maintain their interest. Follow up with customers who have already purchased, asking them to leave favorable reviews and enhance your store

Now, you are ready to start selling by following some tips to increase sales at Shopee , you can also read some related articles about business . Hope it's useful..

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