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Tips to Increase Online Sales Turnover

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When you have a business in the midst of a pandemic, 5.8% of Indonesian MSMEs can still benefit and around 81.2% of Indonesian MSMEs are still affected by the pandemic.

As much as 6.0% of sales turnover fell, if allowed to remain in this condition then what will happen will get worse, then how do you keep your online sales turnover increasing.

Here are some tips on increasing sales turnover that you can try and hopefully help

Understanding the Target Audience

To make the right decision in marketing a particular product or activity, you need to understand the customer. You can understand customer habits by interacting with customers via the internet.

For example by chatting via email or social media

Unprofitable, Just Remove Products And Services) 

When you start a business in an online sales business, there must be a product or service offered on the market, it's best to do some research carefully first.

Before offering the product or service, check whether the product has high market demand or not 

If the product has no profit potential, don't hesitate to remove it from the product list. The goal is to avoid excessive production costs

Using Analytic Tools

The Analytic Tool is a tool that is commonly used to analyze data, you can use this tool to find information on the origin of traffic from which country they visit your online shop and can find out a customer finding your online shop.

If for example you get traffic from the keyword "popular food", then you should write more content about that topic

Use Sales Promotions

Give promotions to your customers such as discounts, cashback, or vouchers, this can be a powerful tip to increase online sales turnover.

More attractive promotions will potentially increase your online sales, but there are several considerations about what methods are the most effective to implement.

Find Unique Selling Points

After knowing what will be the uniqueness of your online sales, spread your business identity by advertising your product or service on the internet.

You can enter into tags, display on the homepage of the website, advertise on social media and disseminate your online business sales via email.

Review And Change Prices

When you set the price or pricing for a product or service, don't let the price offered be too cheap or too expensive from the market price.

For this type of product or service, you want to take a slightly higher price, make sure it has added value that you can offer.

By imposing discounts or promotions to lure more consumers, there is no problem, as long as the price offered can still be financed by your business finances.

Make sure discounts and promotions can bring profit and help you increase sales turnover.

Focus on customer service

Customers really appreciate friendly customer service, display a special contact to contact customers so that they are easy to find. And don't forget to respond quickly to customer communications

By trying to use the tips that I mentioned above, it is very important to pay attention to, to increase the turnover of your business's online sales performance which can later help your sales turnover.

Hopefully this article can help streamline operations and increase your online sales turnover. Good luck..

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