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Tips for Using Google Trends for SEO

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Tips for Using Google Trends for Content Strategy and SEO

Hello friends, in this article I will share a tutorial about tips on how to use Google Trends for content strategy and can be used for SEO keyword research.

Then what is Google Trends? Do you already know what tools are for and how to use those tools? Actually, you can search for these tools on Google search or you can click here

Google trends is very easy to use, there are many useful features that we can use, it can be for content strategy, doing SEO keyword research, to increase your site's ranking and to get organic traffic

Let's discuss further..

What is Google Trends?

Google trends is a tool that is provided free of charge by Google which is useful for designing content strategies and for SEO keyword research

You can learn what your target audience is looking for so you can make the content you create is right on target and can drive traffic to your site

Uses of Google Trends

The uses or benefits that can be obtained using Google Trends Tools, namely:

You can see trends that are being searched for by Google users, Google Trends generally has functions such as analysis tools which are very easy and simple.

You can get these tools for free, you can collect and compare search trends that visitors or audiences are looking for on Google around the world in graphical form.

You can analyze several things using this tool, such as:

Related Trends

You can see a list of related topics / keywords, this can help you find currently relevant terms according to keywords

Keyword Trends

You can find out which keywords are trending, are being searched for in search engines and you can use them from various languages ​​according to the target audience

Seasonal Trends

You can find out your audience's interests on a seasonal basis, this can help in creating a calendar schedule to create content that is more relevant to the interests of the target audience

Tren regional

You can see Google Trends based on the location of a particular country, with this trend you can see and know the interests of the audience from different regions of the country

Google Trends Features

Your front page can see Insights, a list of search summaries and can find what's trending by year. Google trends can provide keyword or topic information

You can find various information such as interest graphs, related topics and related queries. You can filter when searching for keywords or related queries that are trending, you can filter by time, location, category and search type

Do you already understand the explanation, use and benefits of Google Trends. For tips on using Google Trends to meet your needs in content strategy and SEO keyword research, check out the following ways..

Tips for Using Google Trends for Seo Content

Use Data By Date

Google Trends can provide information on what people are searching for on any date, we can see this based on history, time and real-time

Trend Tracking Differences And Most

For trend searches, namely the fastest searches, while the top searches are the most searched / searched

Choose a Topic of Your Choice

Google Trends will give you the option to search for terms or topics.

Compare Search

You can compare search data to make comparison easier, search results can be filtered by time or location and country

Find Out What's Trending Today

Google Trends provides a daily train option available worldwide, you can see trams every day.

In Search Trends using time filters is great for seeing what's happening right now, like news coverage

Always Use Comparisons

If you can understand the scale of trends, you can simply use comparisons to measure popularity. You can compare up to five topics and can define geography.

See Local Trends

This feature in Google Trends is really interesting, having the ability to see what's trending around an area.

Can Download Your Data

By simply pressing the download button next to the diagram, you can view, collect data and analyze daily trending search data from Google BigQuery

So, those are some tips on using Google Trends, understanding, usability, and benefits for content and SEO strategies. Hope this helps

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