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SEO Best Practices For Blogs

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Google is the google search engine, the most visited site in the world, that's why you should invest time and resources in the blogger business

Providing useful information on your blog, can increase the credibility or rank of your website

By creating a blog can provide a positive ROI report in marketing efforts

Creating an SEO friendly blog on Google search engine can increase your blog traffic

What can be done to make your posts stand out from the rest of the search engines?

By doing SEO optimization on your blog, is a way to drive organic visitors consistently

SEO for blogs is important, because it can build traffic to get organic traffic and determine the topic, and idea of ​​your blog according to what the audience is interested in.

Blog SEO is something that needs to be consistently focused on, from your various strategies.

Follow some SEO practices, to ensure the content you create is on the right track to rank your blog and generate revenue

What is SEO?  Why So Useful?

SEO or Search engine optimization is a best SEO practice to help improve your blog's ranking on search engine results pages, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others.

SEO for blogs can involve some common keywords that many users often search for in search engines

By linking to several other blogging sites and on social media, these are all best SEO practices to increase the relevance and credibility of your blog in search engines.

Which ultimately can drive more organic traffic and can increase your blog's ranking in search engines

If you prioritize your blog's SEO, SEO can ensure your content will appear in the right searches

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Some Best SEO Practices for your blog, follow some ways to build your blog SEO

1 |  Optimize Your Title

Make a title with a length of under 66 characters, visitors are interested in the title, make a title that seems to attract visitors to click on it

2 |  Create Your Own Content

Creating original, self-made content will provide information for readers

Google really likes original content, meaning content created by yourself, Use subtitles and add three links

3 |  The right keywords

On search engines like Google, determining the rank of an article content is feasible or not to appear on the front page of Google

Usually visitors type several keywords into the search engine with several keywords related to the topic they are looking for in the search engine

To optimize some of your blogs, you must include several keywords that are relevant to the topic you add to your article content

Make sure the keywords or keywords you choose will make your article content appear on the front page of search engines

4 |  Longer content

Make content longer, more than 1,000 words and tend to rank better in search engines.

The best-performing marketing blogs have articles longer than 5,000 words.

Make posts that are friendlier, get to the point and put important points quickly, so visitors can find the information they need

5 |  Use relevant images

Blog posts that have images will be more popular than those without images.  Can increase traffic with image recognition, don't forget to add captions and titles to images

6 |  Add Meta Description

Adding a short meta description to your blog will make it easier for Google to index and find it in your posts

The description must be accurate according to the relevant niche to organize your blog, so that your content can be found easily and quickly

7 |  Add Subtitle and List

Use niche-appropriate subtitles, help google to see what's on your blog, as well as a list of important bullet points

8 |  Add link

Don't underestimate links, links are also part of SEO, Google likes links that are added according to your niche

You will not get organic traffic if you do not optimize SEO on your blog, Always prioritize SEO for your Blog if you want to increase organic traffic

Here are some SEO Best Practices that you can follow to improve your blog's ranking in search engines

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