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How to Move Comments Frame Above Blog Comments

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Decorating and beautifying the blog has never been a problem, becoming HOT in the 4.0 era, isn't it. Every small detail will create a big problem. Today I will continue to guide you guys how to do it. put the comment box above the comment


Unlike Facebook's comment plug-in. For Blogspot, the default comment box will be at the bottom of the comments, so when the user wants to post a new comment, he has to scroll down to the bottom of the existing comments, which is quite inconvenient. . It is worth mentioning that if the article has more than hundred comments, scrolling to the bottom to post new comments will be extremely difficult and time consuming.


Implementation steps:

Step 1: Select Theme -> Edit HTML.

Step 2: Find in the template the code that looks like this:

<div class='comments-content'><!-- đây là các nhận xét --></div><div class='comment-footer'><!-- đây là khung đăng nhận xét --></div>

Step 3: Now you just need to reverse the position of the two code snippets above to look like this: (not all templates have the same 100% code, so you just need to find the opening tag of that code)

<div class='comment-footer'><!-- đây là khung đăng nhận xét --></div><div class='comments-content'><!-- đây là các nhận xét --></div>

Step 4: Save the topic and see the results.

Good luck !

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