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Know Important Terms In Seo

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Websites are the same as social media or platforms that are useful and widely used by businesses in digital marketing today.  Websites today can be used as a place to promote various products or services in the form of goods or services.

Actually there are many ways that we can try, either through SEO or SEM.  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is more focused on marketing on Google ads, social media optimization, and various other methods in the field of marketing channels.

In this article, we will only focus on important discussions related to what SEO is, types of seo, elements and benefits of seo and important terms in SEO.

What is SEO?

Seo or Search Engine Optimization is an optimization method that is carried out on a website so that the content we create is in the top position on the Google search engine (search engine).  Like google, yahoo, bing, yandex and the like

After knowing what SEO is, then I will provide information about discussing the types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is divided into 2 parts, namely:

On-page Seo

On-page SEO is a general and simple technique in a search engine optimization technique that is carried out on the website itself.  As :

Doing Keyword Research

Before creating content, make sure you have researched keywords related to your business.  The goal is to find out the potential traffic that you will get in the future, make sure you use keywords that are relevant to your blog or business niche

Fix Technical Things

To make the job easier, make sure you always check for problems in on page seo by doing a crawler.  Fix technical things including checking the sitemap, replacing broken links (page 404), avoiding errors in the redirect process and to fixing broken urls.

Website Page Optimization

Make improvements to the content you create, these optimizations include: adding meta titles, descriptions, creating headings, keyword density, writing alt images, clear content structure and creating relevant content according to your targeted keywords.

Customize User Experience

Adjustment of every color element, text, image and button of the page so that visitors get a good experience when they visit your website.

Off-page Seo

Offpage Seo is a search engine optimization technique that is carried out outside the website.  As :

Add Backlinks

Adding backlinks is the most common method used by website owners, to increase authority if your link site is on someone else's website.  You can buy backlinks with the paid guest post system below

Doing promotions

Doing an activity promoting a business by uploading a page of your website to social media sites.  The purpose of this can include visitors or visitors more broadly

Important terms in seo?


Keyword is an idea or main topic of a content that you create.  According to MOZ, the meaning of a keyword in SEO is a word that an audience or user is looking for in a search engine (Search Query).

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is to link a link in the text that will direct you to a certain page.  In this SEO practice, Anchor Text is needed to help search engines find, understand and direct to a particular page

Meta Description

Meta Description is a short explanation of an article that you publish that can explain the contents of the content.  Meta Descriptions are 150 - 160 Words long.  Meta descriptions usually contain keywords that may be searched by users or customers.


Index is a database that contains information from all websites found by search engines.


Serp (Search Engine Ranking Page).  In the practice of SEO, SERP is very important because you want the content created on your website, at least your articles get into the first ranking

Black Hat SEO

Black HAT SEO is a seo technique used to trick Google.  For example cloacking, dooeway pages, duplicate content, hidden text, link farms and keyword stuffing.

White Hat SEO

White HAT SEO is a seo technique that is used according to the rules from google.  For example, creating unique and useful content, getting links from relevant websites, not being involved in buying and selling links and creating websites that are useful and useful for visitors.

Core Web Vital

Core web vital is a collection of website metrics defined by Google.  This set of metrics is set as an indicator of Google's latest search ranking, namely page experience.

The main aspects of seo ?

Holistic SEO is an improvement that occurs in all aspects of a website so that it ranks higher in search engines

Good Technical SEO

In a technical seo, starting from the structure of the website it must be SEO Friendly, Mobile when you are creating content you must pay attention to the placement of a keyword or the right keywords.  Until you can use massive social media

High Quality Content

When you are creating and writing high-quality and well-organized content according to Google guidelines.

Good User Experience

Make sure when users visit your website, the website is in good condition and doesn't make visitors get lost when users visit your website

Website Security

Ensure and maintain website security (use HTTPS protocol)

Thus information about important terms in seo, types and what seo is.  If you are interested in learning more about seo (search engine optimization), let's learn together and don't hesitate to ask questions or discuss in the comments column below.

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