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How To Increase Organic Website Traffic On Google Fast And Free

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Congrats! Link is Generated - For Blog Admins, Businessmen and bloggers, there have been many ways to increase or improve website SEO

But still your website is empty of visitors.

For good quality thumbnails, and the quality of titles, descriptions, tags, content, I think it's okay

Can you update articles regularly and consistently, but website traffic doesn't increase? Is it the wrong way to do it?

There are many ways you can do it, to increase traffic by placing paid ads, but this time, you don't have enough capital to place ads.

You can follow some of the general steps I'm going to share to increase your website traffic for free and fast

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the number of visitors who have come to visit or visit your website

Website traffic can come from various countries, can come from abroad or local visitors

This time I discussed several effective ways to increase website visitors

Why is Website Traffic Important?

The goal is to get higher traffic. If your website lacks visitors, the site will not develop and the website will sink

How to Increase Website Traffic

The more visitors that come, the higher the chance for the website to rank at the top of the SERP.

If your website is known by many people and you are successful in building your own website, it will affect the results of site income and product sales for business people.

Here are some steps on how to increase website visitor traffic for free:

1 | Increase Non Organic traffic

Get non-organic traffic, namely by:  

  • Join the blogging community
  • share articles to community forums
  • Build relationships with influencers
  • Use catchy Headlines
  • Add image or video media
  • Create trending articles
  • Email marketing
  • Do digital marketing
  • Share content on various social media

2 | Do keyword research

There are several steps that can be taken before doing keyword research, below

  • Keyword research
  • Use keywords that are searched a lot
  • Target keyword length keywords
  • Add internal links
  • Try SEO on page and off page
  • High quality articles
  • Increase Website speed
  • Mobile page experience

Do you understand how to increase website traffic? Then you just apply a few steps as above

That efforts to increase traffic cannot be done instantly, but require a very long process to build an SEO website 

Thus the article that I shared about several steps on how to increase website traffic on Google to increase website ranking on the Google search engine

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