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How to sign up for Google Analytics for Blogspot

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In the process of website administration, the process of analyzing website-related data is a very important step. It not only helps me understand the development of the website, but also helps us make a more correct website optimization plan. To be able to track website metrics, you need to have an online website analytics tool so you can track real-time metrics. And the Google Analytics tool will help you do that. What is Google Analytics? How to use Google Analytics effectively and professionally? Let's find out with To Giap IT right below!

So what is google analytics?

Google Analytics is an online tool for advertisers to track metrics related to website activity

As a website maker, it is indispensable for Google Analytics, It helps us track web traffic in more detail and clarity than ever before.

So what are the features of google analytics?

Features of Google Analytics:

  • Set up custom dashboards to get the necessary metrics.
  • Provides Advanced Segment feature to analyze each specific campaign.
  • Differentiate data based on the characteristics of users accessing the website, including age, location, interests ...
  • Statistics of the total revenue that your website has achieved.
  • Bringing Multi-Channel Funnels feature to help you understand the source of traffic to your website
  • Compare the effectiveness of marketing channels for the website with Model Comparision.

How to Install Google Analytics for Blogspot

Step 1: Log in to Google Analytics and create an account

Step 2: Go to Access Google Analytics to be directed to the website information declaration window for Google Analytics.

Website name: Tên Website

Website url : Select Domaint website to register (You should choose https format)

Industry Category: Select a category related to the business.

Reporting time zone: The country you live and work in

Once you're done, just click OK

After you complete the above steps, you will receive a code and you just need to paste it on the /body tag and you're done.

How to use Google Analytics after installing .

  • Overview: Go to Reports -> Dashboard -> My Dashboard Helps you see your traffic and related metrics like access device, user's operating system, bounce rate page of the day…
  • Real-time traffic statistics: Real-time -> Overview The report shows the current user behavior of the website, including metrics such as average session time, most visited pages, access source…
  • Check the keywords that lead users to your website: Attraction -> Keywords -> Basic The table of keywords searched by users that lead to your site will be provided by Google Analytics along with metrics like frequency search rate, conversion rate.
  • Look up website visitor behavior: Behavior -> Behavioral Flow This is a more detailed report than real-time traffic statistics, helping you clearly see where the problem lies (which steps cause customers to leave the page, because of which the purchase conversion process is interrupted).

So you can monitor the activity of your website already. Good luck !

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