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How to SEO simple images for your website

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Currently, I see that there are some websites that write articles but do not know how to SEO images for the best. In this article, I will show you how to SEO images on Google simply.


For some areas that are heavily related to images such as website interfaces, wallpapers, etc., instead of searching web pages, users will turn to images.

You will need some tricks to get the images on your website to the top of Google search. This is also a way to increase traffic to your website because users will see images related to the field they are searching for, easily browsing your website. Maybe your keyword hasn't made it to the top, but if your image does that, you still have traffic from customers through that image.


  • Increase traffic (traffic).
  • Capture the reader's attention.
  • Capture the reader's attention.
  • Help find more customers.


    Google can't see the image and comment on whether it looks good or if it fits the needs of the user. It can only read the content of the title and alt tags that you set for the image. If in SEO website you have to optimize page load speed, title tags etc. then for images, your job is to optimize the content, quality and size.

    You should prioritize choosing images with JPG, JPEG file formats because these images are light and have high resolution.

    Identify keywords that describe the content of the image: Keywords are the words that customers use to search to find images on your web.

    • The title tag of the image must have the keyword.
    • The image name must contain keywords that describe the image content (the keywords that customers will use to search for your images).
    • The URL containing the image must contain the keyword.
    • The ALT tag must contain the keyword.
    • In the head tag of the article must contain the keyword describing the image.
    • Around the image there must be text describing the image containing the keyword.
    • Keyword density on the page containing the image.

    If the keyword of the image matches the keyword of the entire page and you ensure the above factors, the position of the image on google is also equivalent to the position of the article when the searcher types the keyword on google.

    • Keywords must be in the image name this is a must when you intend to do image SEO.
    • Keyword placement near images is one of the most important issues.
    • The title of the article containing the image must have a descriptive keyword about the image.
    • The higher the page rank, the higher the image rank.
    • The path to the image should be simple and uncluttered.
    • Never include a website with links from other websites into your own. When you want to insert an image into the best web or upload that image to your hosting and then insert it into the article.
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