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How to Blogger Seo Setting 2023

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 You're looking for a way to make settings / seo settings on blogger?  You don't have to worry.

In this article I will show you several ways to set up a blog for SEO so that it gets a higher ranking in the Google search engine

SEO settings on blogger will give positive things to your blog, I will give an explanation about SEO and why is SEO important for your blog?

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Explanation What is SEO ?

SEO is an important thing in the world of blogs, it can give positive things to the blog, and can improve a blog with certain methods

This can help your blog have the keywords you are targeting, you want these keywords to be searched by many people on the Google search engine (SERP).

The essence of SEO is to make it easier for a visitor or consumer to find what they are looking for

Important for your blog By doing optimization on the Google search engine will ensure your blog appears on the first or top page on Google

So that you get traffic from people who want to visit your blog or want to buy your product or service

Means you get more visitors which in the end results in higher revenue

Why is blogger SEO settings important?

You get more visitors by Optimizing on google search engine to provide clues for visitors coming from that traffic

There are many blog competitors competing for top rankings, it is important that you apply SEO best practices

Here are some Guide How to Blogger Seo Setting 2022 Complete

By following some of the guidelines below for optimization on SEO settings for your Blog

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Think Your Blog Title

The title on the blog is an important element for optimizing your blog, because it has a direct impact on search engine algorithms that will determine the ranking of the content you create.

Choose a title that is simple, easy to read and attractive to readers, choose a title keyword on the blog with keywords that match the blog's niche

Make sure you choose a blog title using keywords to rank your blog, this can make it easier for the Google search engine to find your content and determine the ranking of your blog.

Setting your blog title, first open your > after > add title

Use Blog Meta Description

By placing the main keyword in the Meta description of your blog, it will have an important effect on attracting visitors to want to click on the link

Meta Description which will appear under the blog title in the google search engine, how to set the Meta Description of the Blog, go to settings > Description > Contents of Meta Description

Choose a Responsive Theme

This should be done to choose a responsive theme so that your blog can load properly on mobile devices

To optimally test mobile friendliness, we suggest using a responsive blogger template, test Tools > Test Template ( Mobile )

Use Favicon

You can use favicon to give identity to your blog logo and optimize your blog on google search engine

How to add a favicon > settings > add a favicon

Enable HTTPS

Ensuring your Blog site is secure, this is important in ranking your site in search engines with higher HTTPS security

By setting the Blogger SEO, so that you get the best ranking, how to set the settings to enable HTTPS > Custom Redirects

Add sitemap

a simple way to flag Google Bot, by doing a search engine crawler about your blog

To create a sitemap, go to settings > Writing style > Edit sitemap

Make sure you can select the pages that they need, are important and need to be included in the sitemap.

Associate With GSC (Google Search Console)

This needs to be done to help update your content in search engines and to crawl new content faster

The more you add blog posts, Google will crawl your site in a predetermined queue

Link Google Analytics

By linking your blog to Google Analytics, you can see the data of some people who have accessed your blog and where they came from

This can help you tailor content better for readers and make it more useful and interesting

How to add Google Analytics, go to settings > general > associate analytics

Create a Privacy Policy page

If we don't add a privacy policy and user terms page it will result in your blog being deleted in search engines

How to add a Policy Page, go to Pages > Create policy and conditional articles separately or you can use the generator tool

Niche Appropriate Keywords

With niche keywords, it will be very useful for search engine optimization, input keywords in titles, meta data and links.

This will help Google to crawl the content on your blog faster, easier and give you the highest ranking in search engine results

How to maximize keywords, you need to place more than one keyword in each post, Create High Quality Content

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Add Description in post

The description of this post is very important to function for optimization which will appear under the title of your blog in search results

To add a description to a post, go to post settings > Search preferences

Optimize Image Seo

Before creating content, make sure you choose an image according to your niche, this step will help optimize your blog so that it is friendly to the Google search engine for every post, including images

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I hope you are happy with the article that I share, about the Setup Guide on Seo Blogger 2022, Complete. Follow the guide that I have shared above well, I hope your blog will improve in the future

If you find this article useful, I hope you will share this article with all your friends via your social media

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