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Complete Guide Link In Bio Instagram

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Usually publishers use a URL link in their bio to let their audience know that they can get more information about a post by clicking on a url in their bio.

You often see links in posts, that's normal, but if you look at the URL link in your Instagram bio profile it will seem interesting and will appear everywhere

But what exactly does " link in bio " mean? Why do so many people use ? And what are the benefits of the link in bio on your Instagram account profile? Let's find out!

What's the link in bio?

Link in bio has a term which means a clickable URL link , you can include the URL in your profile section

What are the benefits of Link In Bio Instagram?

To get more traffic and conversion opportunities for the business you manage with social media marketing targets Instagram. The link in bio has become one of the features that you must use and optimize well.

How to add a link in bio on Instagram is very easy to do and almost all users know how to add a link in bio on their Instagram

By using Instagram, users can add a link in bio . The goal is to embed a link in bio on your account profile and you can add a link in bio via the Instagram application

For those of you who don't know how to add a link in bio , then you don't need to worry, because how to add a link in bio is very easy to do

How to Make a Link In Bio Website on Instagram

The instructions that I will provide below will show you how to add a link in bio to your Instagram profile . Follow the steps below to add a link in Instagram bio .

  1. Open the Instagram application on your cellphone
  2. Open your profile, click "edit profile" under your profile
  3. You will be redirected to a page for filling in your name, username, website and bio
  4. Add the links you want
  5. Click " Done " to save changes
  6. Please refresh your Instagram account
  7. After that, check the results on your Instagram account profile

The link in bio on IG is a familiar and useful feature of Instagram. but there are several strategies that are used for effectiveness for marketing

Instagram is a contemporary social media that has many features, the link in bio includes features on Instagram. If this is used properly, this feature can help marketing activities on Instagram

10 effective tips link in bio for marketing

Sales Promotion (sales promotion)

Sales promotion is an effort made to disseminate or offer a product or service with the aim of attracting potential customers or customers who want to buy it.

Giveaway (prize content)

One of the types of promotions that can be attractive by giving prizes to selected winners with applicable terms and conditions

Because this is very interesting, this type of promotion is included in the most common marketing strategy . The impact of the giveaway on this marketing strategy is very influential for business

Videos and popcasts

Popcast is an audio recording of a discussion that discusses a certain topic, this popcast includes marketing strategies that can be done to increase sales by promoting a service or product

product demos

One strategy in marketing is to market a digital service or product to potential buyers. In this case, you can demonstrate a product or service that can solve a problem

Launching product

Product launching is an activity to launch a new product , this activity can be carried out by new companies or large companies

Profile brand

A brand profile is a form of general description of a professional summary about a company that aims to provide information to clients about the products or services offered

Lead generation

Lead generation is a classic marketing strategy method used to attract potential customers. If in the past it was done by contacting a telephone number, now of course there are more choices.

Best selling product

The best selling product is a best-selling and very popular product and many have been sold.

Blogs & Publications

Clickable url links, which you can include at the bottom of your profile

Collection and cancellation policy

You can provide information about the collection and cancellation policies of your company. This is included in the marketing strategy

The marketing strategy developed with the times, in 2010 and below, consumers or customers had to call the number listed in the advertisement. Currently, it is enough to click the link in the bio of a social media, visitors will be directed to a page. That's the importance you have to learn to use Instagram

You can of course use the links embedded on Instagram for media marketing and promotion . If someone is interested in your service or product, then he clicks the link in your Instagram bio. Then they will automatically be directed to a sales page or landing page

It is on this landing page that a conversion will occur and will be able to display a complete and clear detail of the service or product being offered

After knowing the benefits at a glance, there are other benefits on the link in the Instagram bio that you can know in general

Tips for using links in Instagram bio for SEO

  • Directing Instagram followers to the website
  • Adding page views through followers
  • Displays a link to a page
  • Analyze content performance

There are a few things Instagram users can't do, namely adding a few extra links to their bio. Instagram can only add one url link to embed into Instagram bio.

Even though we need some links to be added to the Instagram bio that direct social media visitors to other sites.

For online sellers, this is very important . Then how do you make lots of Instagram bio links?

Luckily there are still tools that can add multiple url links in one bio. By using the Instagram bio tool , you can optimize the Instagram bio link .

With only one link, visitors will be directed to a page that contains many desired url links, which means you can add marketplace links , such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Lazada, Contact Whatsapp and others.

So for social media visitors who are interested and interested in buying, they will open their favorite marketplace. Thus, sales will be made faster and your social media visitors will be more interested

Tools to create an interesting link in Instagram bio

Link tree

A free and paid service from a digital company, where you can put some important links or addresses or certain contacts that sellers think are important to increase sales conversions


A managed by EmbedSocial. This tool can help you to add the link that you uploaded to the Instagram feed . The feedlink display resembles Instagram display even with the same content sequence. The difference is that users can click on thumbnails which will be redirected to connected links.


This tool is suitable for businesses that have a lot of products, because this tool can display uploads on the Instagram page in the form of a catalog.


If anyone wants to know the origin of the traffic you get on the can, you can use skedlink. A major feature offered is the link in bio

You can create custom links and get analytics reports on the performance of each link. Apart from that, you can also add an unlimited number of links. You can subscribe starting from $0.99 per month.

Now you are ready to increase the sales performance of a marketing campaign and your website SEO through the bio link on Instagram . good luck

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