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blogger widgets | All existing blogspot free codes in the world

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hello bloggers, If you are looking for a list of all the existing Blogger widgets, plugins, add-ons, gadgets and codes for free, then you are in the right place, 

every Blogspot widget you are looking for, You will find here in more than one form and method of installation and for free

We will start to list these add-ons Insha Allah quickly , but first I will tell you a few important things that you should know about blog widgets and codes, which are 

  • What Are Blogger Widgets?
  • Benefits of Using Blogger Widgets
  • Tips before installing Blogger plugins on your blogger blog. 

what are Blogger Widgets?

Blogger widgets are a set of different codes (html, css, js, etc) that you can add to your blogspot either from the theme, layout, or even in the post itself. Where Google allows users of the Blogspot platform to do so to enhance their blogs.

Benefits of Using Blogger Widgets

There are many advantages that make you as a site owner keen to add these addons to your site, including 

  • Make your blog appear unique and distinctive, which will make the visitor feel comfortable and show him how professional your blog is.
  • Some widgets enhance interaction with your blog visitors, such as social media sharing widgets and the comments plugin .
  • Increasing the number of subscribers and therefore increasing traffic .
  • Some additions improve the SEO.

Tips Before installing Blogger plugins on your blog

Before installing Blogger plugins on your blog, you should consider a few things, including:

Site speed

The more of these codes you have on your blog, the more  a negative impact happens , as it will cause your blog to slow down, so limit yourself to the necessary plugins. 

Make a backup of your blog codes before adding new codes

 Sometimes you may insert codes in the wrong way, which may cause things that you will not like for your blog, so you should always keep a backup copy before any modification

Obtaining Blogger plugins from trusted sources

Some people insert malicious codes into the codes spread on the Internet. These may be advertising codes, hidden backlinks, or hacker codes. Therefore, always be careful and do not run behind the templates offered in a free way or the like.

The blogger widgets list

Now let's move on to our large list of all existing  Blogger widgets, plugins, add-ons, gadgets and codes.
This list will be constantly updated, Insha Allah.

list of blogger widgets
  1. Your_Heading
  2. ... ... ...
  1. Your_Heading
    1. Sub_Heading_1
    2. ... ... ...

1. A demo-download button for Blogger

A demo-download button for Blogger is a fantastic tool that enhances the user experience by allowing visitors to easily access and download demos or files. 

It acts as a captivating call-to-action, grabbing attention with attractive graphics and clear labels. 

When clicked, users are directed to a designated link or landing page where they can either download the file or experience a demonstration. 

This button is particularly beneficial for bloggers who want to showcase their work, share resources, or provide valuable content.

 By incorporating a demo-download button, bloggers can simplify the process of accessing desired content, engage visitors visually, and create an enjoyable user experience. 

Ultimately, this button drives user engagement, encourages content sharing, and improves the accessibility of valuable resources on a Blogger website. It's like adding a touch of magic to your site!

get it

2. Recent Comments Widget For Blogspot

The "Recent Comments Widget for Blogspot" is a fantastic add-on for Blogspot bloggers.
 It displays the latest comments from readers, making discussions more visible and encouraging engagement. 
With real-time updates, customizable interface, boosted engagement, and easy navigation, this widget enhances your blog's interactivity.
 Installing it is a simple process of adding a code snippet to your blog's template. Give it a try to create a vibrant community of readers and enrich your blogging experience.

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