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In my experience as a content creator, there are several recommendations that I am used to that can help me in creative content for various editing of images or videos.

Even though I often use Canva for editing, in this article I will recommend several other applications that are used to increase creativity, especially for content creators.

So this time I will share about the application that I use as needed for content creation when editing images and videos.


Note, this application has many benefits. But I use this application to look for new ideas that come in, Wkwk .. As well as to record the progress of making content or designs.

Fijma ( Figma )

Figma, I like this application, this application provides an interesting feature for editing and design. Especially in the Roadmap section

Anyway, it's really fun to use this application, I often make interesting roadmaps in this application. It's really fun to be able to make a roadmap using the Fijma (Fagma) application, you should try it


One of the most meritorious applications since I started creating content in 2019 - 2020 . This Picpick can help you take screenshots when creating tutorial content, so it's even simpler when you create content.


Yes, Canva is definitely an editor application that is able to provide the best editing experience. I use Canva to make designs using Canva, because there is already a template so it's simple and easy.

Which do you think you want to use? Can you please mention it in the comments column below, this time it can be an additional reference for me and other friends.

These are application recommendations for content creators that can help some content creation that can be used to create designs and find content ideas according to my experience as a content creator.

Hopefully this article can be useful and help you when you are looking for an application for the right content creator in the design and creation process.

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