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7 Blogger Seo Settings To Increase Your Site Ranking

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In search engines there is a lot of competition, we will give 7 SEO Bloggers the best SEO keyword settings to increase your website ranking

You need to look for keywords to their roots, find keywords that have the best chance of making your website more seo

If you want to enter page on in search engines, you need to do various keyword research but that's not enough, you need to do keyword optimization so that your site is more seo

So here, I will provide a guide for you about 7 SEO blogger settings that many people don't know about to find the best keywords

Internal Keywords

This keyword research method is the most powerful way to find keywords with the best opportunities and see competition through the eyes of their audience

Because your website and your competitors have the same target audience. you need to do effective SEO keyword research, you need to think like an audience before doing a search on a search engine

Each company's website needs to do seo settings differently, you can add keywords to be able to see the search volume of keywords to be used as research

How to do blogger seo settings that can increase your website ranking, are there any SEO opportunities for your website, get more insights, position yourself to the audience and ask yourself

Use Backlinks (Anchor Text)

Backlink Anchor Text is an indicator of how people (visitors) describe what they link

If you look at the url slug and link text, you will find several keywords related to your blog's SEO keywords

How to plant backlinks and anchor text, follow the steps below:

<a href=”url”>KATA KUNCI</a>

Before planting backlinks, do keyword research that is included in your target keyword list according to the SEO blog that you built before

Industry Keywords

Keywords that are at the industry level can be of high value, leveraging industry information and what's happening in that industry for keyword research

Can be influenced by events, trends, news, holidays and real life factors such as new product releases in your industry

You can follow Semilarweb Digital Marketing to get insights, can filter information or see the latest keyword trends that can drive traffic 

Use search keyword terms in the previous month that could drive traffic, one of the potential golden keywords 

Beyond Google Data

Go beyond google data, by using keywords in search engines that can identify more opportunities to reach your target audience

How do I find keywords that have opportunities?

Search for potential keywords on google, youtube, amazon to get the keywords your audience needs and intentions

Auto Keyword Suggestion

When you enter a keyword or query in a search engine, Google will suggest related queries that attract a lot of searchers

Why are google query suggestions important?

This query suggestion on google can find keywords that have opportunities, you can direct to potential long tail keywords that you have never thought of before

The benefits of Google keyword or query suggestions really make sense for your target audience and your website, use keywords that are relevant to your blog

Navigation SERP Google

When you want to search for keywords you will find related searches on google and people also ask on popular search engines

Both are an invaluable source of keywords and can provide topic ideas for your blog

This feature can show you questions people can ask, can provide insight into the interests and intent of your target audience seekers around related topics and searches

Look for Competitor Metadata

This is one of the best key rich research methods, it can very effectively analyze your competitor's website

You can check your competitor's website keywords, long tail keywords can be used to reach a large market audience and how your competitors are positioning themselves

There are many ways that you can try and to find good keywords.

Using unusual keywords can increase your ranking above your competitors' websites and increase your keyword's target audience

You need to use the latest techniques, new data and insights that you get. That is the correct SEO keyword strategy in 2022

Those are 7 blogger seo settings that can increase your website ranking, I hope this article can be helpful and useful for you to develop your website

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