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What is AI Marketing | Instructions from AZ

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Ai Marketing is considered a safe money-making project with a profit of up to 30% - 35%/month . From there, you just need to invest without selling or researching products, running ads because there is this " robot " to take care of. So, how to form or invest and withdraw money on this " robot "? Please refer to the little known things about "Artificial Intelligence Robot" below!

Who is marketing?

Known as a registered trademark of Weford Alliance Limited from Russia and headquartered in Hong Kong, Ai marketing is always trusted by users. Everyone knows that, Ai Marketing is done by computers and algorithms, not humans.

Ai marketing is also a combination of AI artificial intelligence robot and affiliate marketing. From here, this robot will promote products for many brands and thereby earn income from generating orders.

This is clearly a very transparent project. When investing, we can check what money is used today, run for which brand, run how much and get how much. There is a contract signing date and a clear collection date.

What is Marketbot Robot?

A robot created by the corporation with the use of artificial intelligence technology such as analyzing user behavior, accurately predicting future demand is called Marketbot.

Marketbot also has the ability to select promising products, analyze trends on social networks, and evaluate searches. And from there, the marketbot will automatically run advertising campaigns for product lines and be developed by experts. So, what is the profit that marketbot brings? That is, when a QC contract is completed, the seller will pay the coho marketbot fee and the profit will be shared in the ratio 45:55 ( investors will receive 55 % and Ai Corporation will receive 55% of the revenue). Marketing will receive 45% ). Moreover, the average return that investors receive will be from 30-35%/total capital/month .

Marketbot is chosen by many people. Because this is a system that brings daily income. Not only that, this model also ensures a clear and simple income. Marketbot can make unlimited withdrawals to any bank card within 24 hours. Above all, this is also a system that makes you feel secure when using.

Some frequently asked questions?

Ai marketing was born as bringing business people extremely practical benefits. Besides those strengths, there are always questions and frequently asked questions . Here are some statistics about AI Marketing

Traffic statistics to AI Marketing from hypsetat . page

Ranking of AI Marketing on ALexa (updated April 27, 2021)

Sign up for an account

From the questions that have been answered, many people must have been cleared. Therefore, hurry up and register for an account right away. Signing up for an account is not difficult. To be able to register an account, ask the referrer.

Here is the registration link:

After you click on the REGISTER LINK then Click on the BRAIN IMAGE and start Clicking on REGISTER (enter full information). Or you can go here to watch the detailed video cream tutorial!

Then you enter your email address, password >>> registernow

you fill in your first and last name without accents, your email is using… as shown below

Note : Full name is unsigned, password includes: uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.

How to invest?

Advertising budget (NSQC) is the amount that investors deposit into Ai Marketing. Wexford Alliance Limited will use investors' capital to run rental ads for brands and businesses. In the form of Robot MARKETBOT. When completing the advertising contract, the seller will pay a fee for the MARKETBOT Robot.

You should know that advertising budget will be used up to run ads. Not only that, profits will be paid when the Robot completes an advertising contract. And a robot will be able to find a lot of different advertising contracts.

A small example such as: When you invest 1000USD, that 1000USD will be used up for sales promotion by Robot Marketbot and will earn about 1950-1980USD. Thus, you have made a profit of 950-980USD

How to make profit with AI Marketing

Net investment income

After 72 hours when you have recharged, the Markebot robot will automatically run ads and optimize. And more than that, the profit after you earn will fall between 30-35%/month of your total investment. Thus, you just need to deposit money to invest and enjoy "terrible" profits.

Moreover, you can also view the details of the sold orders in the " SALE " section. From there, the marketbot will also give you the date and time of the sale, the brand product, the amount of the order, the refund rate, the amount you get refunded, etc.

Income from Affiliate building system

You can refer others to invest with Ai Marketing system. From there you will also receive a commission from this system.

With the form of income from Affiliate marketing to build the system, you will receive the default F1 AI MARKETING commission of 5% . F1 INB.NETWORK commission will be around 5% - 15% based on account tier ( INB.NETWORK is the parent company of AI MARKETING).

When your downline recharges (or reinvests) you will receive both AI Marketing and commissions. From there level 1 will get 5% each side. Total: 5+5 = 10%

For example: You refer friends A , A to register for an account with your referral link. After that, friend A invests with an amount of 100 USD, he will receive 10 USD. In addition, you also get 5% from parent company

Regarding the sales bonus: You will be charged the sales equal to the total amount of your downline deposit and reinvestment. And when you reach the level of downline sales, you will also receive a sales bonus.

This will be clearly shown in the table below:

LevelStatusSales volumeNBO redemption bonusPartner's income
13Platinum Director2684354562 000 00015%
twelfthGolden Director1342177281 500 000 VND15%
11Director Diamond671088641 000 00015%
tenSapphire Director16777216650 00015%
9Director Ruby4194304150 000 won15%
8VIP Director104857650 000 won15%
7Top Director52428820 000 won14%
6Manager26214410 000 won13%
5VIP Manager1310725 000 wontwelfth%
4Top management655362 50010.5%
2VIP agent81925007%
firstTop agent40961006%

How to calculate commission and level up conditions

INB.NETWORK commission from F2 onwards is calculated according to the difference in rank: (% of my Level) – ( ​​% F1 level) = % of commission received

Ex: A can refer B -- B refer C -- C refer D -- D refer customer to deposit 1000$

  • A level 9: Level hh 15%
  • B level 8: Level hh 15%
  • C level 2: Level hh 7% .
  • D level 1: Level hh 5%

Then when D finds a customer to top up $1000

  • A gets: 15% – 15% = 0
  • B gets: 15% – 7% = 8% = 80$
  • C gain: 7% – 5% = 2% = $20
  • D get: $50 (5%)

Total hh: 150$

Total hh INB.NETWORK limited 15% divided among all upline of D . After 15%, stop.

The above case B is f1 of A , but A does not get a commission when the customer deposits $1000 because A is equal to B 's level : 15-15=0

Level up & sales bonus conditions are calculated as follows:

1. Level up conditions

  • Downline turnover is calculated by: Total amount of new deposits and reinvestment of downlines
  • When sales of all downlines reach enough level

2. Conditions for receiving bonus sales

  • When downline sales reach enough level, only sales from F2 onward (not counting F1)
  • Only counted when the total sales of all weak branches combined is greater than or = 1/2 of the sales of the strongest branches

Conditions to be called a branch:

Vdu Nam can introduce A, B, C, D, E, F

  • Vdu Nam can introduce A, B, C, D, E, F
  • A can introduce: A1, A2, A3, A4
  • B can introduce: B1, B2, B3, B4
  • C can introduce: C1, C2, C3, C4
  • D, E, F can't introduce anyone.

Then only A, B, and C are called a branch. And D, E, F can't introduce anyone, so it's not called a branch. Branch sales do not count the amount of A, B, C's deposit. Only count from A1, B1, C1 onwards. And the sales to reach the bonus milestone are only calculated from A1, B1, C1 onwards.

Vdu. A deposits $1000, A introduces 4 people to deposit $1000 each. Then the branch sales of A is: ( A1 + A2 + A3 + A4 = 4000$ ) (k calculates the amount A deposited)

Vdu Nam has a total downline sales from F2 onwards of 8192 USD. A is the strongest branch of the South, if the male wants to receive a 500 USD bonus
=> ( B1 + B2 + B3 + B4) + (C1 + C2 + C3 + C4 ) is greater than or = 1/2 (A1 + A2 + A3 ) + A4 )

Note : Required conditions for you to receive commissions as well as sales bonuses are:
- Your account must have a minimum deposit of $50
- The robot is in an active state.
- If your Robot stops working and the Robot status is off, you will not get commission nor sales bonus.
- Money for making the system will be deducted from the revenue of AI MARKETING company


If you do it fully, you will have 4 sources of income

  • From net investment income: 30 - 35%/Total capital/Month
  • From direct commission 5% of Ai Marketing
  • From 5 - 15% commission from parent company: INB.NETWORK
  • From $100 to $2,000,000 in revenue bonus from parent company: INB.NETWORK

Instructions for depositing money into AI Marketing

Recharge via Payeer

Top up via Payeer: The process is as follows: ATM card -> RIMITI -> PAYEER -> AI MARKETING

Step 1 : Create an account RIMITI

  • Visit
  • Click register and fill in your account information
  • Verify account, bank card

Step 2 : Create a Payeer account

  • Visit
  • Create an account by Email, verify email
  • Save your wallet recovery information in case you forget your password

Step 3 : The process of loading Ai Marketing

  • Go to Rimiti again -> Click " Buy " Payeer and enter the code Pxxxxx (Each Payeer account has its own Pxxxxx code ) -> Transfer money and you will receive the corresponding purchased Payeer number.
  • Go to Ai Marketing, select " Top-up " -> Choose to top up with Payeer USD and enter the corresponding amount -> click " Pay " it will open a new tab and select Payeer the small item USD -> select " CONFIRM " in blue -> Finally re-login to Payeer account and select " CONFIRM " in blue, you have confirmed the payment.

Note when loading Payeer : The deposit fee will be close to 0.1%. Meaning: Every time you deposit 100$ the deposit fee is 1$

Recharge via Visa, Master card

To be able to top up Ai Marketing, please follow the instructions below via Visa, Master card as well as make sure the transaction is as fast and complete as possible:

Step 1 : You go to the deposit section

  • You choose the payment method VISA, MASTER
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Press “ Pay ”

Step 2 : Enter Visa and Master card information

  • Card number: Enter 16 numbers on your card
  • Valid card: Enter the card's expiration date

For example: Your card registered 12/18 – 11/23 you will enter MM: 11 YY: 23

  • CVC: Enter 3 security numbers on the back of the card
  • Click to select payment

Step 3 : Select Submit

Step 4 : Enter the password sent to the phone number you registered and select Submit

Step 5 : Choose to go to the seller's website

Note : If you can't top up via Visa gateway, please contact your referrer or Admin Ai Marketing Vietnam team, they will guide you through another payment gateway.

Recharge via other payment gateway

There are many currencies you can deposit to invest such as Bitcoin, ETH, USDT…but in my experience, you should use Tether ERC 20 to load. As it is a stable coin pegged to the US dollar.

  • Enter the number of coins you want to deposit into your account and at this time, the wallet address on AI.Marketing will appear on the screen
  • Then you Copy and paste this link to the wallet you will transfer money to.

Instructions to withdraw money from AI Marketing to ATM wallet via BTC, USDT ERC-20 gateway

How to withdraw money from AI Marketing to ATM via BTC, USDT ERC-20 gateway? To be able to do it quickly, you need to follow our guide.

There are many ways to withdraw money, such as:

Withdraw to Payeer

The process is completely opposite from when you make a deposit

  • Enter the amount to withdraw. Next, you copy the Payeer wallet code ( Pxxxxxx ) then paste it in AI Marketing and press " SEND " and you're done.
  • In the end, you sell Payeer at Rimiti as money on ATM card

Note when withdrawing

- The first time you withdraw the min is 100USD, but for the next time the amount of min withdrawal is only 10USD -
You click on the Transfer item-> Enter the amount you want to withdraw -> Click Continue
- You choose where to receive money: VISA card, Bitcoin , Tether ...
- After you paste the address, click Transfer to complete the transfer. And, after 24h the money will be transferred to your wallet

6 reasons why you should choose AI Marketing

Why is AI Marketing so famous and chosen by so many people? And thanks to Who Marketing is trusted by many people? Not only that, this is also a famous system that many people love to choose. It is definitely for the following 6 reasons:

  • Easy deposit and withdrawal: The advantage of AI Marketing is that it can quickly withdraw money to any bank card within 24 hours. Moreover, it also has a variety of payment gateways.
  • Safety Guarantee: MarketBot Protect Hedge Fund activated. This will ensure that you will be compensated if the robot fails to sell or the transactions are canceled.
  • Modern AI technology: Artificial intelligence AI is gradually changing retail industries around the world.
  • Attractive profit for investors: Stable profit of 30-35%/month. Moreover, there is profit from link building.
  • Standard legal: Wexford Alliance Limited was established in 2017 and is a world leader in artificial intelligence applications.
  • System of global partners: More than 20,000 leading brands and businesses in the world such as Amazon, Ebay, Apple, Honda, Alibaba, Booking, Shopee, etc. are using MarketBot in advertising campaigns today.

Get information about direct notifications and promotions from Ai Marketing





Summary and my review

The reviews of AI Marketing give the impression that this is an outstanding project with good earning prospects for both investors and partners. The project really offers great opportunities and at the present time we can safely say that despite having worked for a long time in the HYIP industry, almost no one knows about this site. AI Marketing promotes itself among its audience - these are mainly large network structures and YouTube channel subscribers.

All in all, the project seems quite complicated, as there are several directions of monetization and the location is not the same. In addition to AI Marketing, there are Inb Network partners and p2p exchanges for token trading. However, in reality, everything is much simpler than imagined, and it will not be difficult to understand the features of the fund. It is enough to register and everything will become clearer.

Hopefully the instructions from the blog will help with this. And if not, you can ask your questions in the comments.

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