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How To Create Progress Bar Effect For Blogspot

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What is the Progress Bar?

Have you noticed some websites showing progress bars at the top of their articles? This little bar tells users how much of the article is left to scroll and encourages them to keep reading. In this article, I will show you how to add a reading progress bar in blogspot posts.
  • No need to add JQuery
  • The JavaScript is very concise and there is no file pointing outside of blogspot
  • Basic CSS
  • Simple and fast
  • Works with all browsers

Instructions for creating progress bar when scrolling for Blogspot
1. Login to Blogger
2. On Blogger dashboard , Select Theme Edit HTML
3. Find the </body> tag and paste the below script above it
<script>window.onscroll = function() {    myFunction()};function myFunction(){    var winScroll = document.body.scrollTop || document.documentElement.scrollTop;    var height = document.documentElement.scrollHeight - document.documentElement.clientHeight;    var scrolled = (winScroll / height) * 100;    document.getElementById("myBar").style.width = scrolled + "%";}</script>

4. Next, find the  ]]></b:skin> tag and paste the CSS above it
/* Progress Bar TLTeam */.progress-container{width:100%;position:fixed;z-index:99;top:0;left:0;}.progress-bar{height:5px;background:#F86152;}

5. Find <body> or <body tag and paste below code below it
<div class='progress-container'><div class='progress-bar' id='myBar'></div></div>

Finally save it and try it out.
If you have any problems, please comment below.
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