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How To Create Pages Lead To Email Marketing, Increase Conversions

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Email marketing often focuses on creating email messages, which are sure to be compelling email messages with great offers.

But you need some pages that can lay out more details about the offer that prompted the user to buy it.

So, let's discuss in this article that the importance of pages for email campaigns and how to optimize for maximum performance and better user experience. 

What do pages do for email marketing? 

If the offer made via email is the same as your main page, you can use it as a landing page. 

Advertising pages distributed in emails are pages designed to convince your users to take a required action, be it buying new shoes or subscribing to a free trial. 

How do I optimize my page to increase conversions?

If users receive emails from you with several offers and some are even interested, it does not mean that they will immediately buy or order them.

So your next task is to take them to a well-optimized page that will convince them to buy or order it.

Let's see how to do it and what approach is used. 

1. Be yourself when building trust 

You've emailed people who have subscribed, better stay consistent with their preferred brand, color, design and even tone or sound

The strategy you use can be to create pages that are specifically designed with small and mid-sized companies in mind.

The result: With pages and offers to drive interest that your product is relevant for all companies, potential customers will be more interested in offers that relate to their specific needs.

2. Keep messages short & clear 

To The Point can help convert clicks from visitors to the email campaigns that you have created. You can share detailed information in emails, so it would be advantageous to start from 0 and focus on solutions.

Remember customers prefer to speak their language.

3. Build synergy between emails & pages

In some ways, humans are too modest in their user experience expectations. If they subscribe to the email, make an offer on your site

You send them a deal like that, and they click, If they click on the ad and are directed to the catalog, but it doesn't do what they expect.

they will most likely hit the back button and try another link since it is not what they expected. 

That's why you need to make sure your landing page matches the email you're offering to customers.

On redirected pages can provide more info about a product/service, show its advantages, and provide an easy way to buy or order it.

And of course, such a page must also be styled. 

4. Run fast on-page SEO optimization 

You must not forget to optimize the page, for better user experience. Make sure the following you can fulfill:

Load speed : make sure the page loads fast. if the site loads more than 4 seconds, then people quickly leave the slow site.

Optimize images : the graphics used on the page should be as compressed as possible without losing quality.  

Quality of content: make sure the main title, description and text must be clear. However, remember that performance optimized content is built for Google bots.

SEO for text content: check keyword density, title and meta description, and other tags in the text.

Mobile-friendly : pages should have a mobile-first responsive design for a better user experience. Currently, more than 80% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

Technical issues: check the page URL structure, domain, index status, internal and external links present on the page, etc.

Navigation: keep it simple and to a minimum so users don't get distracted and drift away from the landing page.   

5. Find triggers to get people to click on them

Sure, you've got a great deal, and but you need to complement the page with other user experience elements that help lead people towards conversions 

Testimonials and reviews: let others know what customers or media/bloggers think about your product.

Explanation: if it is difficult to understand what the product does or its benefits. You can use infographics, schematics, or video explanations.

Guarantees and trust badges: clearly state the guarantee, offer a refund if any and demonstrate that the payment provider is trusted and adherence to industry standards.

6. Reinforce the decision to take action 

Sometimes people need a reason, to accept your offer now. If they are inclined to buy from you. 

Rarity or limited deals : Yes, it works great, but only if it's genuine! 

Something extra : The TV shops know what they are doing, you can provide customers with discounts, freebies, coupons for purchasing something in your store.

Price comparison : If you feel the price may be a problem, you can compare with other stores, you can lower or increase the price of the product according to your wishes.

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