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13 Secrets of How to Increase Millions of Website Visitor Traffic Organically

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Buddy Lag - Lots of visitors coming from organic (Google) traffic to our website is the dream of all blog owners.

But its achievement requires effort, hard work and patience. Continue to update the latest articles

The good news is, you don't need to buy traffic from anywhere, with the tips and tricks that I will share, they are very effective.

Because before I share, of course it has been proven to bring in millions of organic traffic, you don't need to waste time.

Let's read this article one by one!

1. Use the Right Blog Platform

The blog platform you use can affect the ease or difficulty of getting traffic

There are many reasons that must be considered, I will mention one of them, namely whether there is a platform that is easy to optimize for Google or not.

An easy platform on WordPress and optimization. with this platform the speed and security of your blog will be much improved.

2. Install Adequate Themes or Plugins

Choose a theme or plugin that really affects the slow loading speed of a blog that can make blog visitors leave. 

3. Keyword research according to the topic of the content

Want your blog quickly indexed? You just need to do keyword research before you make the latest article.

The content on the blog must be accompanied by the keywords used by your target audience. Use keywords properly.

Need to use a tool to help you find keywords and include them in the article. Such as search volume, competitors, related keywords, and search engines.

4. Create quality content

You need to pay attention to the quality of the content and the accuracy of the information. So that blog visitors can read and enjoy from your writing.

Google prioritizes the highest quality content. In order to create quality content, at least pay attention to the top three search results. Then compare the content content.

5. Determine the Upload Schedule

For a blogger, this means that you need to determine a schedule for posting the latest articles, for example posting one article a day, or it could be twice a week.

But you need to pay attention, that you need to notify visitors, when you will routinely post the latest articles

6. Connect your blog to google search console

You need a tool like Google Search Console. Besides the traffic count, this free tool also allows you to check other data about performance 

blogs. Like :

  • Most popular pages or posts
  • Most popular keywords
  • Where do visitor data come from?
  • Devices used by visitors

These things are very useful, every month you get special insights, with this data, you can find out the increase in the performance of your blog.

7. Submit Sitemaps

Sitemaps are files that contain a list of all the pages and blogs within them. By creating this file, it will be easier for Google to understand the structure of your blog. As a result, the blog will appear faster in search results.

8. Use an Internal Link Strategy

Apart from sitemaps, you need to do internal links, so that the blog structure is easy for Google to understand. The trick, you just need to insert a link from one content to another with a related topic. as follows

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9. Do Image Seo

The implementation of Seo this time is done by optimizing keywords in the name of the image that you want to upload in the article. You must match all the images on your blog according to Google's criteria.

10. Notification of visitors every time there is new content

Apparently there are many who have implemented this feature. this feature works if there are new visitors, this notification will appear. This feature can notify visitors if there is new content.

11. Take advantage of social media

Google search results are not the only ones. Source of blogger traffic. But there's a lot that you have to try, the way to get traffic is by sharing articles on social media. 

12. Make sure the blog is fast and responsive

Make sure your blog is fast, if loading the blog is slow, visitors will get bored and will choose other articles, from Google research that was done, that 53% of people leave your blog if it loads more than 3 seconds.

13. Monitor the development of the blog on google analytics 

Google Analytics is a tool used to monitor blog traffic. Analytics is able to display data on the amount and origin of traffic in detail.


Increasing the traffic of a website cannot be done instantly or in a short time. However, you must be patient and continue to carry out the various methods above with hard, diligent and thorough work. You certainly need increased traffic so that your blog can be known by many people and can market the goods or services that you offer.

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