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blogger widgets | How to add effect loading in blogger website

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Hello friends
Now I will share the effect of loading the blog that.

On the OOT page , Ms. Lina has asked about the effect of loading the blog used by Arlinadzgn , but it hasn't been shared yet, maybe because she's busy in the real world.

Now I will share how, the method is not too difficult.

If you are curious and want to try it, follow the method below:

How to add effect loading in blogger website

  1. Go to Template > Edit Html
  2. Put the code below above ]]></b:skin>

/* Page Loader */
myloader [role="progressbar"][aria-busy="true"]{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;padding-bottom:3px;width:100%;background-color:#159756;-webkit-animation:preloader-background linear 3.5s infinite;animation:preloader-background linear 3.5s infinite}
myloader [role="progressbar"][aria-busy="true"]::before,myloader [role="progressbar"][aria-busy="true"]::after{display:block;position:absolute;top:0;z-index:2;width:0;height:3px;background:#afa;-webkit-animation:preloader-front linear 3.5s infinite;animation:preloader-front linear 3.5s infinite;content:''}
myloader [role="progressbar"][aria-busy="true"]::before{right:50%}
myloader [role="progressbar"][aria-busy="true"]::after{left:50%}
@-webkit-keyframes preloader-background{0%,24.9%{background-color:#159756}25%,49.9%{background-color:#da4733}50%,74.9%{background-color:#3b78e7}75%,100%{background-color:#fdba2c}}
@keyframes preloader-background{0%,24.9%{background-color:#159756}25%,49.9%{background-color:#da4733}50%,74.9%{background-color:#3b78e7}75%,100%{background-color:#fdba2c}}
@-webkit-keyframes preloader-front{0%{width:0;background-color:#da4733}24.9%{width:50%;background-color:#da4733}25%{width:0;background-color:#3b78e7}49.9%{width:50%;background-color:#3b78e7}50%{width:0;background-color:#fdba2c}74.9%{width:50%;background-color:#fdba2c}75%{width:0%;background-color:#159756}100%{width:50%;background-color:#159756}}
@keyframes preloader-front{0%{width:0;background-color:#da4733}24.9%{width:50%;background-color:#da4733}25%{width:0;background-color:#3b78e7}49.9%{width:50%;background-color:#3b78e7}50%{width:0;background-color:#fdba2c}74.9%{width:50%;background-color:#fdba2c}75%{width:0%;background-color:#159756}100%{width:50%;background-color:#159756}}

     3.Then put the code below above </body>

<script type='text/javascript'>
// Page Loader

    4. Finally put the code below above </header>or it can be anywhere it's up to you. This code is to bring up the loading effect.

<div class='cssload-loader' id='loader'><myloader>
<div aria-busy='true' aria-label='Loading, please wait.' role='progressbar'/>
<div class='page-loader' id='pagingx'/>

    5. Finally Save, and see the results. That's How to add effect loading in blogger website , hopefully it's useful.


ok so that's How to add effect loading in blogger website. if you face any err or problem then write a comment for me in the comment section. hopefully it's useful and thank you for visiting.

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