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How To Earning Money Online by Writing Blogs and Signing Up for Google AdSense

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 This article shares a method for earning a lot of money through writing or simply copying content from the internet, then modifying, editing, adding or removing sentences to qualify for advertising networks like AdSense or other ad networks, and subsequently selling the website along with the ad account.

To do this, you don't need to have extensive technical skills. Currently, on Google and YouTube, you can search for keywords like "how to create a WordPress or Blogger website," and you'll find plenty of articles and tutorial videos. After watching about 1 or 2 videos, you'll be able to create a blog with WordPress very easily.

Then, you only need to write content that you are passionate about while also complying with AdSense policies to facilitate the process of applying for an AdSense account in the future.

To view AdSense policies, you can refer to the following link:

However, the manual method I mentioned earlier will only allow you to earn a limited amount of money. You can create at most 1 to 5 web blogs. It's not feasible to do too many. Below, I'll briefly explain how to create a large number of blogs for the purpose of applying and selling AdSense accounts. Of course, you will need a considerable amount of money to buy domains and VPS or hosting.

Creating a large number of blogs for AdSense registration?!

This is quite simple. You purchase a large number of domains, around 100. The domain names don't matter. Then, gather various topics, create content, and publish them on the websites.

After each website has around 20 to 50 articles, proceed with the AdSense registration and wait.


Domain: 9 $/name

VPS Hosting: $5/month (can host multiple websites)


Sell My Google AdSense account for 45$.

If your AdSense account is pinpay (purchased at  45$), you can sell the website for around 225$ 

So, the profit is significant. In general, you can earn up to 5 times the investment within a year.

There are many ways to make money online. If you are willing to explore, I believe you will gain valuable experience and earn a lot of money.

The above is a quick sharing of my experience in nurturing Google AdSense. If there are any mistakes, please overlook them :).

I wish you all success and the ability to earn a lot of money.

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