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Does Google AdSense affect your site's search ranking?

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Create a website to make money for one thing and use Google Adsense, as the only profit option is another.

There are more than 38.3 million websites working with AdSense and serving ads to their sites. AdSense is a product of Google in that it participates in the ad editor, provides the code and then, if eligible, you can display ads on your website.


But do you have something with the ranking of your site? Could the categorization of your site in search be caused by those ads? It's an obvious question because, for a variety of reasons, many websites and blogs don't use Google ads on them, and site ranking will be an important factor. In this article, I will explain it to you.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is the most popular ad network, currently, it serves billions of ads to millions of websites every day as they have the largest advertiser base through Google ads. Since it is free to use, content creators should only focus on creating content.

Once the AdSense requirements are met, they must be applied. After AdSense approves the request, they provide the ad code to the editor. Ad publishers simply paste the ad codes into your site's header. Then, depending on the type of ad, sometimes they get paid for the clicks and sometimes, by the views of the ad.

AdSense has some sophisticated technology that allows them to show ads that are most relevant to its website content, as well as user interest and previous searches. Now, let's get to the point

Can Google Adsense rank your search?

If you use Google's own words, integrating the Google AdSense codes on your website has no adverse effect on ranking in search engines. Neither of them do anything positive in your rankings. In fact, according to Google, it does everything completely impartially so it's unlikely to get involved. However, this is something that can happen with AdSense.

As mentioned above, AdSense provides code for placement integration. When you integrate them, it will show different types of ads about its content. Now, when someone visits your website, the web pages will be loaded. All your site content will be downloaded first. When you have the AdSense code on your site, they are also loaded with the HTML and other files.
To show relevant ads, AdSense tracks IP and other information. During that hour, it may take you extra time to upload to your site. The ads that will be displayed on your site also take time to load. That definitely increases your website or web page load time.

Now, according to Google or any other search engine, load time is the main categorization factor. You can check, any website that is uploaded or search result has lightning fast charging speed.

If you see it technically, a site that has all the same sites, but hasn't used Google AdSense in it, will be charged faster than a site with the same configuration. However, that doesn't mean it will definitely be classified as there are many other factors that together improve their search ranking.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, if you have any questions or copyright complaints, please comment below to let me know. Hope you all have a really nice day.
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