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Block Backlinks Using Google Search Console Tool

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Hello friends, in this article I will show you how to block backlinks and specifically bad backlinks .

Link building can be an important part of your SEO strategy , but not every backlink is beneficial. Google may penalize sites associated with bad or low-quality sites. So if one of those sites links to yours, you could be in trouble, especially your site's rankings. If you can't "sneak" into that site to remove backlinks, you can block it.

Before entering the tutorial, let's find out what backlinks are and the benefits of backlinks.

Overview of link building (Backlinks)

Link building is when other websites link to your site, creating a backlink. Once you have those backlinks, the search engines will crawl them. Search engines use this information to help rank your page. If the crawler finds a backlink on a high-quality and reputable site, that's good for your SEO.

If there are many quality pages that have backlinks to yours, that's great. On the other hand, if you have a lot of backlinks from low-quality websites, it can adversely affect your SEO.

If you build a good number of backlinks, there will be many benefits for your website:

  • Search engines know to rank your website higher.
  • Outreach involves link building that helps you build relationships with influencers in your niche.
  • You may see an increase in referral traffic and an increase in sales as a result.

How To Block Backlinks Using Google Search Console Tool

To block bad backlinks, please follow my instructions.

1. Check Backlinks

To check backlinks, you can use Google Search Console or Ahref to check.

With Google Search Console : Go to Overview page ➤ Links . There will be 2 columns (External Links and Internal Links) please check the backlinks in the External Links column .


WITH Ahref : On the Ahref homepage ➤ Referring Domains . It will show backlinks, look for bad backlinks there.


2. Create a Backlinks Block File

Disavow files are basically just text files (.txt or .csv). Each line in the text file must be one of the following:


  • Block links with backlinks, for example: https;// . This way to block posts containing backlinks
  • Block the entire domain (Clean this entire site). For example:

You can block subdomains, for example: .



  • The maximum file size is 2MB or 100,000 lines.
  • Format must be UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII

3. Submit Files to Google Search Console

To submit the file to block backlinks to Google Console, please do the following:

Step 1 : Access the Disavow Link tool of Google Search Console.


Step 2 : Select the site that will block backlinks to it. Mine is


Step 3 : Upload the file that blocks backlinks that you created earlier.


So I showed you how to block bad backlinks, if you have any problems, please comment below. Good luck.

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