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Add Me to Search: How to Create Your Virtual Google Tag on Google

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What is People Card?

Google's 'People Card' allows individuals to easily link to their website, social profiles and other related pages from search results.

Recently, google announced its new feature " peoples card ", which allows users like us to create a virtual profile card where users can bookmark their existing web pages or profile. on social networks to make their identities public on the web.

How does the Peoples Card work?

It will show up as a search result when you do a regular Google Mobile Search of your name.

How to register Add Me to Search and create People card

Step 1: Just type 'Add Me to Search' and tap on 'Get Started'

Step 2: Then Google will take you to the 'Edit your public profile' page.

 Here, you will be asked to fill in your personal information including photo, name, business/company name, title, Introduction (short description of yourself and experience...)

Step 3: After completing, 

you can preview and if satisfied with the content, press save.

Step 4: 

Your virtual business card will be created and will appear online in a few minutes.

After a while, you can go to the Google Search app on your phone and type your name, the search results will show a business card with related data.

Who can create a People card on Google Search?

Anyone can create this tag, but it's better used by business owners and businesses so it's easy for consumers to spot to contact them. Other users do not need to create their public profile, as this may compromise their privacy. If someone gets your number or photo, they can harass them with nasty calls and possibly turn the photo into blackmail.

What are the current conditions for Create Virtual Google Tag?

  • Currently, Google only allows creation when you meet the following conditions:
  • You must be in India - this feature is not available elsewhere
  • Your language must be set to English
  • This feature is only available on mobile devices (Android, iPhone or iPad)
  • You will need a mobile browser or the Google Search App
  • You must have a personal Google account (ie your
  • Your account must have Web & App Activity enabled

If you've followed all the steps above and still don't have access to generate your tag, please send feedback directly to Google using the "Send Feedback" feature in the app. That will allow Google to investigate your particular situation.

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